Family Eye Care

Patients in New York, NY, and surrounding communities can trust our team at Miles & Tisch Eyecare as their family eye care provider. As a family-based practice offering quality vision care to patients of many ages, we treat conditions affecting children, teens, parents, and those who have grown older. If you are looking for a family optometrist near you, consider contacting us to obtain the eye care your family needs.

Family Eye care

The Value of Family Eye Care

You may enhance your family’s well-being by ensuring each family member maintains their visual health. Regular vision tests and eye exams can help reveal broader health issues that patients of different ages did not previously recognize. In addition, welcoming children and teens into the practice might help them develop healthy attitudes toward their vision and overall health care.

Vision Conditions and Heredity

Many eye diseases have genetic components, including nearsightedness, cataracts, glaucoma, and age-related macular degeneration. Parents can benefit from being aware of their family’s history of vision issues so they can use the information to understand and monitor the risks their children carry.

Likewise, as eye care practitioners, we will discuss these issues with you and watch for those issues when performing eye exams with your family members.

Early Detection and Treatment of Children

Detecting vision conditions when they first emerge allows for early treatment. Early treatment can help us to slow or stop the progress of eye diseases more effectively and can be important to treat children early due to the impact of vision challenges on their school performance. Vision challenges also impact children’s ability to enjoy and excel in activities such as sports, art, and general play. You can aid your child’s development by early identification and treatment of vision challenges.

Get Optometry Care from a Family Optometrist Near You

Regular eye exams for family members help with the early identification and correction of vision issues. If you live in or near New York, NY, and are looking for a family optometrist near you, call our Miles & Tisch Eyecare optometry team at (212) 765-2660 for more information.

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